File requirements

M-Press Printing House

  • File format – printable PDF/X document
  • Bleed – 5 mm from each side
  • Resolution – minimum 300 dpi
  • Color model - CMYK
  • Text – attach the used fonts or turn all text in outlines
File format

Print-ready files – Please send as PDF-document in PDF/X-1, PDF/X-3, or PDF/X-4 file format.

Open files – When your order also consists of design, we accept Adobe CC/CS files. In order to prepare your files for printing, please attach the working files, all fonts used (or turn them into outlines) and images. For optimal results use the “Embed” function.

Other file formats – We also accept Microsoft Office files on the condition that your order includes designing the product. Please note that you are barely able to control colors, distances, and sizes with such software and this can lead to errors.


To avoid white lines on the sides when cutting and die-cutting, we require a 5 mm bleed area on each side of documents. It is essential that you have this in mind when you make the design of the product.


For high quality results it is necessary that the minimum resolution is 300 dpi. At lower resolution the printed product will be of lower quality.

Color model

Offset printing uses the CMYK color model. For this reason we insist on files with this color model. Files with RGB color model are automatically turned into CMYK, which sometimes can lead to color differences between the two color models.

The most of the PANTONE colors are not able to be made using the CMYK process colors. If you use such colors, please indicate them in your file and order.

Line thickness

Please note that the lines (and also fonts) should not be too thin. A line with thickness of 0,25 pt and visibility of one of the CMYK channels lower than 100% can be problematic when printing.

To avoid this, use positive lines (dark line on light background) with a minimum thickness of 0,25 pt and negative lines (light line on dark background) with a minimum thickness of 0,5 pt.

For spot varnishing and hot stamping the line thickness should be greater than 0,5 pt. The space between effect elements should also be greater than 0,5 pt.

Spot varnish, hot stamping and relief making

Elements for sport varnish, hot stamping and relief-making must be embedded in the sent file by marking them with a different color and using the function Overprint for them.

Ink coverage

Covering fully with all colors means 400% ink coverage (C+M+Y+K). Please note that the highest ink coverage is 300%. Otherwise it is not excluded that sheets stick to each other due to the short drying time.

Products with more pages

We require consistent design and page numbering for products with more pages such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and others.

We do not take responsibility if the page numbering is incorrect. Remove any blank pages, unless you want them to be there in the finished printed product.

Save all pages for such products as a PDF-document. Sending the content in lots of files is not recommended.

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